Any idea what does it mean by 5 days x 12 = 60 days?

This is a simple mathematic, but it gives a reason for Adour Sanitary Pad to be born in this world. It all started from a meaningful phrase in the movie Padman, "A woman has 2 months less life span than that of a man", due to menstrual period, women face a lot of inconvenience in life.

This movie phrase has made the founder remember his soulmate around him, his daughter and female members in his family, are experiencing the same. Therefore, he decided to put some effort on modern women to work on their redemption of "the precious 60 days". He started to put aside his embarrassment and conducted research on every knowledge in this field, including raw materials, technology, feedbacks from consumers and even the product options available in the market today.

He found out there were more than 100 brands of sanitary napkins in the market, but very less among these brands possess high-quality absorption and multifunctional chips, not to mention their prices are high too. The mission of Adour Sanitary Pads is to allow female consumers to enjoy the best quality and healthier sanitary pads at a reasonable price. As we believe, all women deserve the best!

Adour has joined hands with the well-known manufacturer who has about 30 years of experience in this field, to conduct research and design a sanitary napkin with the most complete functions, so that women who sacrifice for their families and careers can enjoy these 60 days with joyful hearts and without worries.

"The best product doesn't mean it has to be the most expensive!"

知道什么是 5天x12=60天吗?

这是一道简单的数学题,但却是赋予了Adour Sanitary Pad 诞生的意义.

因为这句话, 创办人想起了身边的老婆、女儿和家里的女性亲人们也同样时刻经历着,于是决定为现时代女性们做出一些努力来赎回那 宝贵的60天!

结果发现市面上超过100种品牌的卫生巾,拥有高素质吸收及多功能芯片的并不多,而且价格偏高. Adour Sanitary Pad

Adour 与在这领域中拥有近30年经验的厂家,携手研究并打造一个搭配着最完善功能的卫生巾品牌,让所有为家庭、事业付出的女性们,都能安心、无虑,带着愉悦的心情享受这60天!