Pad Rash: What Are the Causes of an Allergic Reaction to Pads?

A person may experience a rash from wearing a pad during their period. Most rashes from pads are the result of contact dermatitis. This means your skin has come in contact with something irritating in your sanitary pad.

Here are a few things that could be causing that reaction:

Chemicals or materials in the pad
Pads are made up of different materials and chemicals, and some may end up bothering the sensitive skin you have down there. For example, your skin may not play nice with the top sheet of your pad, which comes into contact with your skin the most often.

Wearing a sanitary pad can cause friction from movement, resulting in a rash. Walking, running, and other forms of physical activity can cause the pad to move back and forward and contribute to a friction rash on the vulva. A person can try wearing a smaller pad to help minimise its movement.

Using scented products makes getting an infection more likely. When you wear scented products to try to mask the (non-existent) smell of your period, you are allowing hundreds of ingredients to rest against your vagina, of which many of them can mess with your pH balance, and ultimately cause the bad organisms to grow freely.

Heat and moisture
The purpose of a sanitary pad is to trap and collect menstrual fluids as they exit the vagina. The trapped moisture and heat can irritate the vulva and cause a rash. Several irritants relating to pads and underwear could cause a rash on the vulva. These include: sweat, urine, adhesives in pads etc.

Infrequent pad changes
If your pad isn’t being changed often enough, moisture can build up and become a breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn can lead to a nasty rash or infection. People should always change their pad every 3–4 hours, no matter how small the volume of their flow. Doing this is necessary to avoid odor from bacterial growth and prevent irritation.

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